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Terms and conditions

• According with the previous information, deadline registration of OABI devices can take 1 or 2 days after receiving client information, however, device registration deadline at operator’s network depends exclusively on them and we have not to do with this process.

• Hereby, in order to complying with what is established in article 3 letter k) of Exempt Resolution No. 1.463, 2016, of the Undersecretary of Telecommunications and its amendments, which sets the technical standard that regulates the minimum specifications to be accomplished by the Terminal Equipment used in Mobile Networks, I STATE:

• The phone to be personalize was purchased abroad, for personal use, reason why I assume and I be aware, it has not be subjected to the Multibanda/SAE Homologation Process, which allows verifying different frequency band compatibility and receiving ONEMI emergency messages.

-Receives the emergency alert messages by ONEMI.
-Function in all mobile companies in the country.

• I am aware and accept the use of the personal data provided in this issue, regarding the storage and treatment that is necessary to grant them in specific regulation scope and only for the purposes thereof.

• Sending this application form means you request and authorize the certifying entity to initiate the procedure of your mobile telephone device administrative registration, in accordance with the regulations of the Chilean telecommunications regulator, related for this purpose.

• The procedure of Administrative Registration, intended for natural persons who require this service, for a device for personal use, has no cost. • I accept Samsung's privacy policies.